inFluent Marketing

Influent Marketing is led by Jim and Jeff Zellner – proven marketing professionals with over 40 combined years of experience in marketing and advertising with backgrounds in both digital and traditional media.  Additionally, Influent personnel range from PhD professors to a world-renown Samurai team builder and motivational speaker.

Influent’s mission is to partner with organizations to define marketing strategies and achieve desired results.

We recognize that even within industries every client is different.  We custom tailor every approach to fit the needs of that specific client.  There are no cookie cutter campaigns.


“The ultimate goal of marketing is to increase revenue and maximize profitability. It is not to be cool for the sake of being cool. It is not to be innovative for the sake of innovation. Nor is about winning awards. The goal is to achieve desired results and win the marketplace.”

Jeff Zellner has worked as a digital marketing specialist for the past 10 years.  He has designed websites for large corporate chains as well as for education and local organizations.  For the past 4 years Jeff worked as a Certified Google Professional managing digital marketing campaigns for companies such as Ace Hardware and Benjamin Moore Paints.
Jim Zellner has built a 40-year career in sales and marketing management.  He is well versed in strategic planning, market research, leadership and media planning.  He was a member of the Findlay Area Chamber of Commerce, The University of Toledo College of Business Advisory Council, and many other boards.  He served as a committee chair charged with developing an alternate budget for the Department of Energy.

Our Plan Of Action From Concept to Completion Your Partner in Success

Marketing Research

Every good plan needs to be built on a strong foundation. Research is that foundation. We work with our clients to ascertain the best messages and methodologies to create desired results.

Strategic Planning

An organization is only as good as its strategic plan. We will work with you to develop a plan that is inclusive and flexible.

Leadership and Team Building

We can work with you to build a strong, cohesive team of leaders at every level. Day to day front line decisions affect profitability as much or more than c-suite decisions.